After breakfast, we went into Ubud and walked up and down Monkey Forest Road and the road parallel to it. We decided not to go into the Monkey Forest today, but will one of these days. Ubud is the “cultural heart” of Bali. By that, they mean lots of art galleries and places to buy Balinese stuff. In the market I bought a cheapie (both in quality and price, $3) Bintang Beer t-shirt.


We don’t know why these chicks are colored this way, but there were two guys with cages like this on their bikes:

*Update:* We found out why the chicks are dyed colors. They sell them to children, who “like the colors”, as pets.

We had lunch at some place on Monkey Forest Road before returning to our car. We then went to a grocery store to get some beer and coffee to take back to the villa.


Then we decided to look for bourbon and finally found some at a huge new Walmart-like store. No Maker’s Mark, but they did have Jack Daniel’s (and a Balinese temple made out of beer cans).


Then we went back to the villa for a swim and to relax before dinner. We got the chef to only make a few dishes this time. Tonight we had Satay Lilit (finely-shredded chicken with shredded coconut satays), chicken in curry sauce, a green vegetable (not sure what it is), and of course, steamed rice.


For dessert, we had Black Rice Pudding, which I really liked:


Geckos crawl around the house, here’s one on the ceiling of the living room:


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