My Life in just 5 short months

Bill Clinton's My LifeI finally finished Bill Clinton’s memoir. Where else but on vacation with a 13 hour plane ride can you reasonably complete a 900 page book that details every little trip and dinner the president hosts in 8 years. Heck, it took 400 pages and months to just get into the White House. I almost couldn’t read the sections involving Ken Starr. I can’t believe the lies he got away with…. And to think they tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about a personal matter, but more of W’s lies about Iraq are uncovered everyday and people are dying for them with no outcry in the press.
I have to admit, I liked Sidney Blumenthal’s and Madeliene Albright’s versions better. They spent a lot more time providing historical background and political analysis to those years than Clinton had room for. Still, it makes me long for a smart president again. Hopefully…

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