Hot hot hot

It is hot here… even with SPF30 lotion, just an hour or two in the sun has given me sunburn! At 9am it’s too hot to sit in the sun. But we frequently see Balinese in long pants and even jackets since this is almost winter time in Bali — they’re getting chilly. I can’t imagine being here at the peak of summer.

The Four Seasons has been nice but just too “touristy”, not to mention expensive. Before arriving, we read that the Balinese people are very polite and friendly. And it’s true… everyone has been incredibly nice and smiles everywhere (and not just at the hotel). The only Balinese we’ve learned so far is “Tarima Kasih” (Ta-REE-ma Ka-SEE), which means “Thank you”. We say that a lot. It always strikes me how people in the poorest countries in the world that I’ve visited are happy, while Americans, who should be happy, appear unhappy and even angry. I doubt you’d hear a Balinese person say “I hate her/him, they’re so damn happy all the time”. American cynics who read that might say “Sure, they want your money, that’s why they smile at you”, but Americans want my money too, and they don’t smile at me. 😉

We’re checking out today and going inland to Ubud for a week for more relaxation, reading, beering, maybe some shopping and less seafood and more native Indonesian dishes. We will only have dialup internet so posting photos is going to be more difficult, well, time-consuming at least, so I probably won’t be posting as many photos as I have the last few days.

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