Our first breakfast in Bali, room service even. I had bagels and locks, Gay had eggs and sausage. The apple juice is the best apple juice I’ve ever had… can you “fresh-squeeze” an apple?! Gay had papaya juice, which was like a smoothie. The coffee here is very good too, of course.

Indonesian food is actually hard to come by in this area… all the restaurants in Jimbaran Bay serve seafood since it’s a fishing village and there’s some Indonesian sauces (sweet soy, peanut sauce, chile sauce, etc.) but, in general, they seem to cater to international visitors. For example, last night was the first time we found satay. I’m hoping that there’s more local food in Ubud and Semanyak.

Every day the hotel drops by a different fruit. Yesterday, it was “rambutan”:, something I’ve never seen before, but Gay recognized it from Thailand. You peel off the skin and inside is a squishy center… it’s like eating a big jelly bean without the sugar-coating.

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