Arrived in Bali

The flight from Taipei to Denpasar was much shorter, only 5 hours. And we were the only two people in Business class, so we had the first 5 rows of the plane and three flight attendants to ourselves. The service was impeccable. 🙂 The food was very good, the appetizer is in the photo. And we had several glasses of wine and watched “Dodgeball” again (the only movie they showed this flight), but this time it was edited for Indonesia’s more strict decency rules; although it was funny to see what they missed censoring not understanding the American slang.

Arriving over Bali, we were stuck in a holding pattern for 15 minutes because the airport was closed due to a “VIP movement”. Presumably, someone important (Indonesian Royal Family, the President, etc.) was leaving or arriving at the same time. We bought prepaid SIM cards ($5/ea) for our cell phones so we can use the local cellular service instead of paying $5/minute in roaming charges. Turns out, my phone won’t accept a non T-Mobile SIM card, but Gay’s does. Note: don’t buy a cell phone from the service provider because they are “locked” to that service provider.

Wow it’s hot here! Got to the hotel, checked in, went to the room and immediately got in the pool and had a beer. By that time, having not slept on the plane hardly at all, I was dead tired. So I fell asleep for two hours. Then we showered and went out to dinner (see picture).

The drive from the airport to the hotel:

One thought on “Arrived in Bali

  1. This is Kevin and Mark – if you have the opportunity it would be great to see more photos of the waves there, any surfing you come across, etc…

    Oh yeah, have a great honeymoon.

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