Review of Tom Douglas' Lola, Seattle

We went to dinner last night at “Lola”: with Eric & Steve. It was disappointing, though. We went weeks ago for lunch and it was great and I’ve been dying for a good Greek restaurant since moving to Seattle in ’97, so I had high hopes for dinner. The food was good, but not great and pretty expensive. For appetizers, we had pita with tzatziki and “minty feta dip”. Both were great. We had prawn kebabs and pork kebabs; the prawn kebabs were average with the sauce just spread on like peanut butter, but the pork kebabs were good, although others disagreed with me. We had goat and roast leg of lamb for main dishes. Bother were good, but I expect something surprising from Tom Douglas.

The service was mediocre, it took us 10 minutes after sitting down and three attendant visits to get a drink order. I had a manhattan but they made a “perfect manhattan” (half sweet, half dry vermouth), not what I ordered, because I don’t like the dry vermouth. Bartenders should all know how to make manhattans, IMO. We ordered the little yeast doughnuts for dessert, but they weren’t as good as the doughnuts Dahlia Lounge serves. And their dessert menu did not have baklava, a staple of Greek desserts that even Americans like, and it had appertifs, but didn’t list ouzo.

The decor is typical Seattle, but poor lighting (Gay & I were bathed in light, our friends were in the dark) and it is a very loud room. It was a struggle to hear our waiter or our friends over the room noise. But we think Tom Douglas realizes this… when we were there for lunch weeks earlier we sat at the bar right next to Tom Douglas and apparent business associates and they were discussing solutions to the noise problem.

Cost: $200 for four people, including a ($35) bottle of wine, one round of drinks, 2 appetizers, 2 main dishes, coffee and one dessert. Seems pricey. If I’m going to spend that much for dinner, I’d just assume go to Dahlia Lounge.


2 thoughts on “Review of Tom Douglas' Lola, Seattle

  1. So did you ever try Georgia’s Deli, like my dental hygienist recommended? Poor Troy. I love hearing about your ongoing quest for good Greek in the greater Seattle area. Have a great honeymoon! -Alex.

  2. Hi. I don’t know you. I just happened on this while “surfing”. Thought I’d tell you
    about 2 great Greek spots. I am a bit partial, I suppose–they are both friends of
    my boyfriend, but we are fellow restauranteurs and foodies–and are very finicky.
    “Porta” on Eastlake (it will close soon and re-open near the Moore Theatre in a few
    months), and “Panos Kleftikos” near Tower Records on Queen Anne. Great traditional
    flavors. You’ll LOVE either place. Porta is more hip and cool, and Panos is a tiny
    and cozy little traditional spot.

    While we’re at it–come and try our restaurant some time–that’d be a hoot! We are
    Cocina Esperanza–traditional Mexican food in the neighborhood of Crown Hill. We’re
    located at 3127 NW 85th St., 98117. Phone: 206-783-7020. VERY TRADITIONAL (and well
    reviewed!)Mexican food (Monterrey region, state of Nuevo Leon). Take care!
    Cara Mia

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