Watching football today (Redskins game via DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket) and just saw two commercials for Coors Light. In one, they argue that other beers are shipped warm but Coors Light is “always shipped cold”. Assuming it’s true that they use refrigerated trucks (doubtful), it doesn’t matter because it makes absolutely no difference in the taste of beer… in fact, it may be worse if the store doesn’t also store it cold because temperature changes are harmful to beer. It’s best to ship it at room temperature, store it at room temperature and then chill it and serve it.

In the other commercial, they point out that “other beers” are heat pasteurized at 140ºF while Coors Light is “brewed at 34ºF”. This is misleading because Coors Light is also heat pasteurized… almost all commercial beers are pasteurized, regardless of whether or not it is brewed at 34º. And they don’t _brew_ the beer at 34º, they _ferment_ it at 34º — they brew it at 200º+ like all beers, otherwise they can’t get the sugars out of the barley. But, of course, this has absolutely no effect on how “cold the beer tastes”.

And they end both commercials with “Because we know you like cold beer”. The sad thing is that Joe Six-Pack sees these commercials and thinks this is all logical. And Joe Six-Pack also thinks that colder is better for beer. That’s only because Joe Six-Pack has no taste… people perceive colder things to taste better (like they perceive hotter coffee to taste better) than warmer, but that doesn’t mean it tastes better than other beers. And by the way, Joe Six-Pack has a perfectly good method for getting their beer colder: a refrigerator.

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  1. Back in the 1970’s, when I lived briefly just 15 minutes away from the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, all of the beer was offered in an un-pasteurized form, and YES, it was all shipped in refrigerator trucks and freight cars. In fact if a Coor’s sales representitive found the beer sitting outside the cooler of the retailer, he would force the dealer to sell it back.

    Obviously, most Coor’s beer is now cooked, and that allowed the company to increase the market beyond the reach of their own fleet of trucks and rail cars. However IF the Light Beer is still offered in it’s natural state, I have no doubt that the product is kept cold from brewery to customer.


  2. I have no idea who you guys are, but you certainly nailed that ridiculous Coors Light ad. Beer companies seem to have a record for spouting meaningless gibberish at people. I guess when you have a product as worthless as Coors Light the only way you can hope to get people to buy it is to 1) sell it dirt cheap and 2) mislead them. Of course it’s hard to have sympathy for anyone who falls for a line like “cold tasting beer”.

  3. I had a long discussion with my buddy the other day after hearing that Coors ad. You solved the dispute. Of course it’s heat pasteurized! What a bunch of BS.

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