Seeping House

Troy and I have been working very hard on a mess of new features for Recipezaar since our wedding. We haven’t been eating well; we’ve worked just about every Saturday and Sunday for a month. One night Troy noticed a drip from the ceiling in our main floor bathroom, which coincided with the sound of running water I was hearing in our bath directly above the leak. We tightened a faucet, the sound stopped; we put a wastebasket under the leak and forgot about it for two days. At eleven o’clock at night, Troy used the downstairs bathroom and the drip was worse, not better. We went outside and the shingles on the outside wall were actually seeping water. I lost it. Our house was seeping — it was like the black stuff in Amityville Horror.

I have a homeowner’s theory that no one knows how water gets to their house or how to turn it off until their first major plumbing disaster. We did manage to get the water turned off, and the problem fixed the very next day. The seeping stopped and the fans have since been turned off, and we think everything is just fine. Water always finds its own way out.

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