My 15 Minutes

redherringI am not reposting this to drum up more attention, but there are things I didn’t get to say because Troy blogged it. First of all, I’m mortified.

When the reporter called for the interview, I didn’t know it was going to be for their “Better Than You” column (how snotty is that) and I didn’t know what the column was like. I consented, mostly because she said her editor Alex Gronke an old, old friend of mine from college, suggested it. I’d much rather talk about our business than what song I’d sing at karaoke (the answer I cribbed from my friend Megan, btw), but any press for Recipezaar is a good thing — largely because Google dominates search and they rank results based on whether quality sites link to you. Little did I know dumb RedHerring has an “editorial policy against linking to people’s sites”. Yup, even the sites that they are profiling! So not only do I feel like a bit of an ass, turns out I didn’t even sell out for anything.

You know I’d understand if this policy was to prevent people from making disingenuous plugs” in comments posted to their site or something, but it is just paranoid not to link to a site you profile ostensibly because you think what we do is somewhat cool. RedHerring, you’re a tech/business mag, we’re a recipe site, you have nothing to fear from us….

Stupid non-web web companies and my own humiliation aside, I don’t fault my pal. Alex and I were friends for the semester I spent at college at the Institute for European Studies in Vienna, ignominiously the only foreign studies program at Whitman taught entirely in English, so I could attend. Alex is one of the best writers and raconteurs I’ve even known. Someday he will write the Great American Novel — er, make that Eastern European Novel. I’m glad he even remembers me.

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