Yet another dumb cooking tech idea

Geeks sometimes stray from their gadgets and look to “improve” the world with their higher intelligence, and they often happen across food, cooking and recipes. Here’s a new one “from Slashdot”:

“It’s not often I post about a website, but this one is different. It is Cooking For Engineers. No big deal, you’d think – a web site about recipes and cooking. But go look at how he’s presented it. *Most recipes are designed for women, and their funny way of looking at the world.* These are very different and instantly understandable for tech geeks like us. (Emphasis mine)

No, recipes are designed for humans. I always find it funny how engineers look at the world… if food was designed by engineers and not Mother Nature we’d have two ingredients to choose from: water and rice. Two perfect ingredients, why would you need any more than that? And, of course, we’d have thousands of rice cookers to choose from, each one adding one more bell and/or whistle! 😉

2 thoughts on “Yet another dumb cooking tech idea

  1. Hi, I just want to say that my wife and I were mortified when that statement was posted to Slashdot. I don’t mind the publicity, but for the poster to make such a sexist remark (and for my website to be implicated) was not something I would like to have been part of.

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