Gay in Red Herring

Gay was interviewed by “Red Herring”: and the article, “Gourmet geek”:, is up now. 🙂

I think they chose a bad photo, but Gay doesn’t like her photos wear she wears glasses, although I do. A “fluff” piece, but if someone told me a few years ago that either one of us would be in Red Herring, ….

More photos:

One thought on “Gay in Red Herring

  1. Congrats, Gay! The Red Herring article was just great. I loved your intelligent and witty
    answers to the long list of questions. About the Star Trek or Lord of the Rings question:
    I agree: Goodfellas! Sci-fi is really not an option… Except, maybe, in the case of your
    reference to the Robert Heinlein book: “Stranger in a Strange Land.” I’d stand in line to
    say thanks to you and Troy both for making such a success of Recipezaar.

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