New iMac

In an “interview”: with an Apple exec on the new iMac, he points out something that Apple and their customers understand but that few, if any, PC users realize about design: teeny little things like that that tend to, over the course of time, make people love their Mac and inspire magazines like yours, versus people getting [angry] over time at their PCs because of little things that drive them nuts

One of my favorite things about my iBook is the latch to close it. It’s magnetic, so when I close it the magnet pulls the latch out so it can lock closed. On PC laptops, the latch is always sticking out, just waiting to get broken off. A 1¢ magnet makes my iBook better. Another great iBook design is the light on the plug: it’s orange when charging and green when charged. Not only is this more logical than PC laptops typical design (on when charging, off when charged; or one light on when charging, another one when charged), but its location is more logical than simply throwing an LED on the side of the laptop the way PCs do.

It really is the little things that make you love products.

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