We watched “Love Actually”:http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/love_actually/ last night. _Stupid Actually_. This movie was so bad in so many ways it’s pointless to even talk about it. And both Siskel Ebert and Roeper liked it. I may have to stop respecting their opinions. Almost every relationship featured a man and his female employee, except for the 6 year-old kid and his classmate (seriously). This wasn’t about love, it’s about sexual harassment in the workplace. I mean, this movie was just embarrassingly bad. Hugh Grant played the Prime Minister of England. ’nuff said. Crikey!

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  1. I agree with you. I got sucked into watching the movie and it was everything mediocre -no, I take it back- it was much worse than mediocre. It was just a series of vignettes that were so thin that none of them would make a good movie if expanded. Probably all of the actors agreed to be in the movie because they only had to work a couple of weeks and make some easy money phoning it in. It wasn’t even romantic.

  2. God, I was stuck on a plane and couldn’t escape. Even NPR promoted it. So, I guess it is just us. We obviously have no sense of humor, appreciation for irony, and an understanding of deep Brit wit. Cheers.

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