Gmail sucks!

I was invited to create a Google Mail account several weeks ago. So I created it. I haven’t been able to login since. I tried to get my password reset by answering my “secret question” but it claims my answer is wrong! I don’t know the name of my dog??? Gmail is seriously broken, so don’t ever forget your password.

Finally got in and then this:

*Server Error*

Gmail is temporarily unavailable. Cross your fingers and try again in a few minutes. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

35 thoughts on “Gmail sucks!

  1. I am getting this error, when I am trying to login, error: “Sorry, service is currently not available. Please try again later.” This is BEYOND disgusting. I thought hotmail sucked, now I realize that gmail is very ionconsitent , too many problems!!!

  2. I am not impressed by Gmail, either. There have been many times
    I’ve tried to log in and have it tell me that my login was incorrect.
    Annoying. I say stick with Yahoo.

  3. You people are missing the entire point of what you have. Your Gmail accounts are TRIAL, BETA accounts. It is an unfinished service, and it is not meant to be looked at as a FINISHED PRODUCT yet. You have been offered your accounts as trial testers, not end users. These problems will almost certainly be fixed in the public release.

  4. Google gives out invites at set intervals, when you got an invite thousands of others did at similar time, servers always go down for a couple of minutes, exact same thing happened to be when I signed up, works fine though and I love gmail! check out

    Stick with yahoo, lol, attaches stupid ads to your emails, or maybe you didn’t know that?

  5. YOU GUYS ARE ALL IDIOTS! It’s (((YOUR))) fault that you signed up stupidly. How dare you say such things of gmail. If you don’t like it – then you must like microsoft – if you like microsoft then you are an idiot. Therefore, you are an idiot. LINUX RUL3Z

  6. “If you don’t like [gmail] then you must like microsoft”. And somehow it’s about linux too. Now that’s some relevant logic! This is the type of person that gives linux a bad name.

  7. it’s great to have gmail to test, but just remember not to rely on it like you do your can with your other email accounts. i’ve emailed an assignment to it to finish tonight, now i’m stuffed cos gmail is down!

  8. Ha…4 hotmail accounts! That’s a miserly 8 MB. Did you know, skip, that Gmail provides you 1000 MB for free. OK…so you can’t find a long lost email in your inbox you’re looking for…it’s very easy, just search for it by typing few related words! Can it get better than that? And if you’re a dial-up user, you’ll know the time difference while changing folders (inbox, favorite, sent, etc) between gmail and hotmail.

    Long live Gmail.

  9. Atually, msn has 250 mb now, don’t u no? who gives if someone has gmail or not? does it determine if ur cooler than the other person or some thing? Quit arguing about gmail! I know ppl can be more mature than this!

  10. i like msn for everything but for the storage space it provides (2mb), maybe when i’m financially independent, i would subscribe to the paid msn service which gives 2 gb i think. I’m particular about storage space because i have lost some mails due to lack of inbox free space. It’s not about being immature… we have the right to compare services. Or else nothing will ever get better.

  11. I don’t want some large company reading my letters, stuffing adverts in the envelope and then storing away anything I may say to be used as evidence against me – gmail smacks of big brother – will never use, nor communicate with anyone via this creepy medium

  12. Does anyone have any idea when gmail is going to be out of testing??? My dear Lord they are taking a long time with this!!!

  13. For all you uninformed people, MSN Hotmail has 250 Megabytes now and is fine for me. Who cares about Gmail. Who needs 1000gb anyway? On my Hotmail I have only used up about 500kb.

  14. MSN Hotmail gives 500 MB ! I couldn’t believe it! But still it’s only about half of what gmail provides.

  15. I’ve been trying out Gmail for about 6 months for a few things. I’m running Mac OS X — using Mail for the rest of my email needs.

    What I don’t like about Gmail —
    * have to be online to reply to mail (a problem if you travel as much as I do)
    * threaded conversations — only works if the conversation keeps to the point of the original email. I have a couple of projects where it doesn’t, and I lose stuff buried deep in a thread
    *can’t/doesn’t sort incoming mail into folders or boxes. The claim is “don’t sort –search”. Well, for some reason, that just doesn’t work for me.

  16. Ok friends I read this all…I saw ur msn hotmail storage argument…
    Actually I hv to tell this…MSN hotmail provide you 250Mb storage…
    Its true…But only for users only registered to USA or few other countries
    only…But anyway anyone able to upgrade ur account to 250Mb…Its only
    few simple steps…If someone interested feel free to ask me…
    I can tell something about the main topic…Personlly I strongly recommend
    yahoo mail than gmail…I do hv MSN, Yahoo and Gmail accounts…But I felt
    when im using those Yahoo is way better than gmail…I use my yahoo account
    And MSN hotmail is the worst…Slow and too many rules…Yahoo will give
    us 1000Mb very soon…!!!

  17. Well, I think the verdict’s in: Gmail sucks. Not that I love microsoft. I just don’t want to feel like I’m in a time machine when I try to send somebody a (black&white!) jpeg.

    Eff google. They won’t be able to Wi-Fi SF if they can’t even create a dependable web-based e-mail.

  18. For some reason Gmail is slow when it comes to accessing it with a firewall and browser controls. The slow part is after I enter my username and password. Uploads and downloads are normally not a problem.

    I don’t know what’s with their hard drives or connection or whatever, but occasionally I have to retry downloading a file because it paused midway. This has been happening lately.

    I don’t know how you could write a message offline and then send it when you login, doesn’t that happen with all web-based mail?

    About threaded “conversations” when I reply to a mail and send my attachment, the original message was lost. I expanded everything but the message was gone.

    I hear the reason why Google offers labels instead of folders is because electronic-based sorting does not work like traditional sorting. I never sort anything myself :p so occasionally I do use the search function.

    And finally, I want to open multiple browsers for Gmail, but for some reason Gmail wants me to just use a browser window. Very inconvenient when I want to view the draft folder and inbox at the same time.

  19. i think yahoo is the best. integrates nicely with Y! Messenger, and 1 Gig is really enough storage. gmail really sucks, there’s no buttons to delete stuff…i mean, i know it’s nice to keep all your mail, but what’s up with the “drop down” crap and “more options” crap. i don’t even like the whole “conversation” thing.

    Yahoo offers 1 GIG. I haven’t deleted that much email for the past year or so….and i’m still only at 8% of the available.

    in 5 years, when i’m approaching 1 gig, they’ll probably offer even more.

    yahoo for life.

  20. As someone who studies the I.T. industry full time I feel obliged to point out that while everyone expects perfect end products in the end the people who are making it are only human. And not are they only human but they have to work with computers and computers suck.

    Another thing I’ve learnt is that different people have different experiences and preferences. My database teacher loves microsoft access… I prefer mysql.

    Gmail for *me* has been the best email client I’ve had. I’ve had start, yahoo, hotmail, eudora… and various other unheard of clients. Out of all of the ones I’ve tried hotmail is the most unreliable and yahoo is one of the ugliest. I love my gmail account. Or several.

  21. To the people who do like Yahoo Web mail, you do realize every time you send a email, yahoo tags a advertisement to your email…”it integrates nicely with Yahoo IM”, blah, blah. I use Yahoo IM and I really like it, however Yahoo Mail. It’s on the suck scale near MSN. Gmail is fair superior to almost ALL mail systems out there, and best of all it’s free. Gmail’s only competion really is which is going to replace msn’s mail program here one day. Then there may be a bit of competion, however I do see google winning this one too.

  22. And also to brainwar, who said he didn’t want some large company reading his emails and blah blah. A company like google has better things to do then read the millions of emails that go through it’s system every second. I am guessing you would rather have some small hosting company read your emails; these people actually have time to probably go through each email individually, looking for credit card numbers, ect. Your best alternative is to just buy your own dedicated server, setup a email system on it, and send away. Wait, that will cost you at least a 100$’s a month, and then there’s still the possibility of someone tapping the line outside of your server to get your email.

    Oh what a screwed up world we live in, Gmail for life!

  23. For the guy who said it’s BETA… well it’s 2006 and the thing is still BETA. Finish it already, but oh wait they won’t because it is riddled with bugs.

  24. just started on gmail -and encountered my first problem. How do i add contact when forwarding mail. I dont want the stoopid autocomplet! i just want to select a name (simply)!! arrrhhh

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