National Sales Tax?

“Kerry and Bush differ on a national sales tax”:

I admit I used to think that a sales tax was the most fair way to tax people. Rich people buy more expensive things so they would pay higher taxes, right? Nope. It turns out that the tax would hit the middle-class and lower-income citizens the most. The problem with a sales tax is that it’s the same percentage for all people. So if Bill Gates buys a loaf of bread for $2, he pays the same tax that someone who earns minimum wage. Fair, maybe, but certainly not good for anyone. And if the sales tax on a new Lexus were higher, Bill Gates would buy fewer of them. Republicans believe that the wealthy (and large corporations) need fewer taxes because they drive the economy. But they don’t. The masses (and small businesses) drive growth in the economy. The rich aren’t rich because they spend money, they’re rich because they don’t spend money.

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