The internet “continues to rise in importance to Americans”: 88% say it plays a role in their daily lives, 30% say it plays a “major role”. But what are people looking for online? News? Music? Porn? Recipes? Nope. They want driving directions. 😦 Weird, I think I’ve used the internet for driving directions 4 or 5 times in 8 years.

But really, why are we listening to polls to find out what people do on the internet? Can’t computers tell us what people do online?? And would anyone even answer “Porn” when asked what they use the internet for?

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  1. You know that feature is awesome I use it monthly, when people do not give you very good driving direcions but expect you to be on time it is frustrating. But for our business of looking for property and deliveries of hay and stuff it allows us to schedule around that delivery because we know how much driving time there is going to be and we can charge exactly because it gives you precise directions and mileage. It is very handy. But it also shows how many people don’t want to get lost in a foreign situation and cause accidents more people should really use it. Or just get off the road ways.

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