Snail Mail can be Cool

wedding lets you make your own picture stamps out of ANY digital photo. The cost is roughly $.85/stamp instead of $.37 and there is a $3 shipping charge for each order, but it is so clever and so much better than the flag, bad flowers, and LOVE. This is an obvious for wedding invitations, baby announcements, businesses, etc. — I *wish* this would have launched before we’d written most of our thank yous. (Disclosure: I’m actually a stupid investor in, but that is another blog entry entirely.)

One thought on “Snail Mail can be Cool

  1. You are the second site that I’ve seen write a post about this. It seems like such a brilliant idea that I broke down and tried it. I used the funniest picture that I could find on this computer. I can’t wait until I get my stamps with the “tron suit” guy on them. I doubt my husband will let me put them on the bills when we send them out. By the way, the wedding pictures y’all are posting look lovely.

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