Wedding Program Manager

I am program managing our wedding, so my schedule and phone now acts like a very busy person’s. It is incredibly fun, and I am very excited. The world will not know or appreciate the how difficult it was to iron out certain details, it will just seem “nice”. I will know the number of phone calls and connections it took to nail down the keg and the special English tap it required in order for my fiance to have his favorite beer at his wedding or the connections dragged out for us to get a last minute dancing lesson so “our song” (whatever it turns out to be in the next 48 hours) will look natural, and the numerous small decisions about color lights and placements of paper lanterns and christmas lights to make the whole place glow…and don’t get me started on the opinionated calculus to determine the number of water bottles, tonic water and bourbon to make it through. Right now, it doesn’t matter. Bring on the relatives, I’m ready to wed!

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