Two Weeks to go, No Cold Feet

Who has time for cold feet, when you are running around so fast? We picked up Troy’s suit today — would you believe the bride’s dress cost a small fraction of his outfit? The flowers are set, the menu is set (pig AND salmon roast, both whole), the wine is ordered, the rehearsal dinner band secured…frankly, I’m very very exited. Oddly, the port-a-potties were delivered two weeks early today while we were out. It is rather un-Vashon-like for *anything* to happen ahead of time, and they are a strange yard sculpture, to say the least. Perhaps our neighbors will use these instead of our woods — but that is another blog entry altogether.

Mostly, I can’t wait.

I feel like I have attended so many weddings, but never realized what they were really about until now. Not only is it a tremendous amount of effort, detail, stress, family, money, insomnia, etc., but it is a very big deal for two people. I apologize to all the friends whose weddings I attended and didn’t really take very seriously during my single-girl bitterness. Like children (which I still don’t get), weddings are something I think you don’t really understand until you do it yourself.

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