Strawberry Festival

This weekend was the annual Strawberry Festival weekend on Vashon. I’ve been getting a little tired of the whole thing… it’s a nice small-town thing, but the funnel cake stands are just too cheesy and the booths selling hippie jewelry and the bad food are just too much. And I guess I’m really getting old because the teenage kids hanging out and posturing is annoying to me — you’d think after generations, teenagers would advance a bit, but they’re the same as I was (except I’m still annoying).

We were going to go on Saturday afternoon, but rain just poured down. We eventually got there after 6pm and it was empty due to the rain. We had a couple beers at the happening “little yellow house”, where we poured beers last year, and then went to the wine/jazz party that a friend organized. Lots (5) of Walla Walla wineries there and we had a nice conversation about Walla Walla (where Gay went to college) and about the wine business with a guy from Reininger Winery. Then we got in the middle of a fight between two guys and had to break it up. Fun.

We had dinner at one of the two mexican restaurants (and more beers). Then back to the yellow house to listen to the music, like the crowd-pleasing “Pink Cadillac” and “Light My Fire” (Jim Morrison must’ve been spinning in his grave). We met up with some friends, one of which had just got in a fight. Lots of fighting this year. He apparently asked a woman to dance and her husband didn’t like it. So they fought. Had some more beers and left.

It’s fun to live in a small town. In some ways, I feel like I’m back in high school where I knew everyone at every party. Vashon isn’t that small, but it’s different to live in a place where you either know or recognize most people you see in public. But I’m glad the Strawberry Festival is over.

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