Optimism always succeeds

There’s a class of people who focus on the negative aspects of everything. This is nothing new and I’m sure you know the type… the type of person who, if given free money, would complain that they have to pay taxes; the kind of person you say “Today’s a nice day!” to and they answer “Yes, but tomorrow probably won’t be.” And they always portray themselves as the unlucky lot in society. Life is something that happens to them, something they have no control over. Successful people are “just lucky”. We’ve all met these people and they annoy us (assuming you’re an optimist), but they’re not such a problem because they’re so easy to avoid. Pessimists gravitate towards each other and repel optimists who gravitate towards each other. And each group encourages/discourages itself. So pessimists tend to spiral downward while optimists tend to spiral upward. Optimists tend to create and build, pessimists see the value in creating but think the optimist is going to fail (and rarely resist the opportunity to point that out).

But I’ve recently discovered the “extreme pessimist”. Regular pessimists can at least see that there’s another side, they just convince themselves that they’ll never experience it. Extreme pessimists don’t even know there is anything but negativity. Positives are invisible because they don’t exist in their world view. They never compliment people, they rarely smile, they never enjoy themselves. They just wallow in a pool of negativity that just gets bigger and bigger. They don’t have blinders. They don’t need blinders because they are always looking down. Optimists tend to build and create, extreme pessimists only point out the flaws in the creations.

Sucks to be them!

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