Wedding Program Manager

I am program managing our wedding, so my schedule and phone now acts like a very busy person’s. It is incredibly fun, and I am very excited. The world will not know or appreciate the how difficult it was to iron out certain details, it will just seem “nice”. I will know the number of phone calls and connections it took to nail down the keg and the special English tap it required in order for my fiance to have his favorite beer at his wedding or the connections dragged out for us to get a last minute dancing lesson so “our song” (whatever it turns out to be in the next 48 hours) will look natural, and the numerous small decisions about color lights and placements of paper lanterns and christmas lights to make the whole place glow…and don’t get me started on the opinionated calculus to determine the number of water bottles, tonic water and bourbon to make it through. Right now, it doesn’t matter. Bring on the relatives, I’m ready to wed!


I installed Postgrey on our mail server yesterday and, to my surprise, cut our spam down to close to zero! I used to get hundreds of spams a day, but since yesterday, I’ve received two, both from the same sender. The (Bayesian) junk mail filter on my mail client did an admirable job, but I still had plenty of spam in my inbox to annoy me. I’m amazed that such a simple mechanism like greylisting actually works.

It’s true, reading news is best done in your browser, not in an email-like application. Geeks today adopting RSS love the “email model” because they live in email, and really bad 7-pane (!) email clients like Outlook, to boot. But the masses will read news in their browser. And yes, RSS replaces the act of web browsing.

Wedding Planning

Gay has done the majority (all) of the work in planning the wedding so far. But even though it’s been all her, that doesn’t mean it’s easy on me (poor poor Troy!). Making any wedding-type decision for a man is far more painful than for a woman. 😉 But that aside, I highly recommend eloping if you’re thinking of planning a wedding. Weddings are a scam…. try it yourself, call a photographer to take some photos and they’ll charge $100/hr. Mention “wedding” and the price is suddenly $500/hr, if not more. Same for everything else. My advice: set your budget, halve, and halve it again. You’ll end up paying your original budget in the end.

But I do have my jobs… aside from my suit, I have to get the beer (!) and handle the music setup. We’re not doing a band, we’re doing music streamed from our laptops. Which also means I’ve been selecting the music. I don’t know what I’d do without the internet; I don’t want to buy Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, any 80’s one-hit wonder CDs, or any stuff my parents like (Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, etc.) because I just want a song or two. Thanks to P2P, I’ve got a nice set of wedding music. And I don’t know how I’d do this without a computer; just 5 years ago and I’d have to hire a DJ to swap CDs all night. But now I can just set up playlists that mix nicely all by itself, and if our friends want to, they can do their own DJing at our wedding. Technology!

The Tour

Since I last wrote, the Tour has regained its excitement (too exciting to write about it!). Lance has decimated his rivals. He’s got over 4 minutes and it isn’t even Ullrich that is #2, but Ullrich’s teammate. It was as great as ever watching Lance charge up the mountains and watching his rivals fail to hold his wheel. Seeing that is one of the greatest things in sport, IMO. And his team ran a perfect race the entire time. This has got to be the easiest Tour win yet for Lance. 7 maybe??!

Two Weeks to go, No Cold Feet

Who has time for cold feet, when you are running around so fast? We picked up Troy’s suit today — would you believe the bride’s dress cost a small fraction of his outfit? The flowers are set, the menu is set (pig AND salmon roast, both whole), the wine is ordered, the rehearsal dinner band secured…frankly, I’m very very exited. Oddly, the port-a-potties were delivered two weeks early today while we were out. It is rather un-Vashon-like for *anything* to happen ahead of time, and they are a strange yard sculpture, to say the least. Perhaps our neighbors will use these instead of our woods — but that is another blog entry altogether.

Mostly, I can’t wait.

I feel like I have attended so many weddings, but never realized what they were really about until now. Not only is it a tremendous amount of effort, detail, stress, family, money, insomnia, etc., but it is a very big deal for two people. I apologize to all the friends whose weddings I attended and didn’t really take very seriously during my single-girl bitterness. Like children (which I still don’t get), weddings are something I think you don’t really understand until you do it yourself.

The Tour started more exciting than most, with a team time-trial so early, but it’s been boring since the first few days. This weekend should see some interesting stages. But Samuel Abt thinks the excitement will come next week. But I just don’t see how Lance can lose this year, unless he screws up. Ullrich just doesn’t look that strong and is already farther behind than he should be at this point. Iban Mayo is out, of course. Whodathunkit that the 6th victory would be so easy?