Wedding Launch

When you make a software product (or any product, I imagine), you spend months or years getting it ready for market, with a very stressful 24/7 work load in the weeks before the release date. Well, we are in the stressful, chaotic final 8 weeks before Wedding Launch version 1.0 (there will be no updates)! I’ve got the dress, the photographer, and (finally) an officiant. We’ve sent the invitations, and we’ve done the one thing that probably means the most only to us: we have a website.

What’s there to stress about? The only problem is that we decided to have the wedding at our home, which has meant a garden “clean-up” that has gotten somewhat out of hand. Two weeks into the job and 11 trees have come down, 8 cords of wood split and “gifted” to neighbors, half an acre of sod removed, 50 yards of soil delivered, approximately 40 rhododendrons and perhaps as many azaleas moved, and there is still a back hoe sitting in our yard, aka our wedding site. Actually the end is in sight, and I am finally beginning to relax and sleep through the night.

The funny thing is that it is doubtful many folks will even realize the changes we have made, just that the place looks really nice. We’ll know — we do know already — and we’ll get to enjoy the investment for years and years to come. Despite the additional worry, we are very lucky to have this celebration at such a special place to us, and our life together.

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