Warning: Dietdivas.com

One of the hazards of running a small business: people who fail to pay you. We are very upset with this company and do not recommend them (full story here), but it makes me sad that one bad apple, makes you change your policy for everyone.

Updated 1/26/2005: Our collection agency is unable to collect…

Dear Ms. Gilmore:

Counsel advises that despite all his efforts, he has been unable to obtain any cooperation on the part of the debtor in collecting this account, as written correspondence is ignored and debtor’s phone listing has been disconnected. The fax number for the debtor is now a regular phone line and always has an answering machine attached, messages are left, but none were returned. Counsel has confirmed with the Secretary of State’s office that the debtor’s corporation is no longer active and current and was dissolved on October 1, 2004.

In light of these circumstances, it appears the debtor is no longer in business and in light of the fact that we have been unable to discuss this matter with the principal, we recommend closing file as uncollectible.

Thank you for the opportunity to have been of assistance, and we hope you will call on UMA again in the future for further collection problems.

32 thoughts on “Warning: Dietdivas.com

  1. I have been a member of diet divas for 2 1/2 years…lost 40lbs with their help. Oct 30 I placed an order for $189 worth of products..as of today haven’t received them….all efforts to contact them have gone without response..not even e-mail from my counselor….of course they charged my credit card the same day(oct30)!!!!! I am furious with this company and will NEVER reccomend it to anyone….I never received the e-mail that Paula suppossedly sent to members….what a crock this company is… I will be reporting them to better bussiness bureau…thanks for letting me vent….really hate getting the old screw job….but thanks for the warning…at least someone cares about customer service.

  2. I placed an order in the amount of $81 Noverber 9, 2004
    money was taken from my account. It’s been three weeks What’s up with that? Can anyone help me out..
    c dowdy

  3. I place two orders with Dietdivas in November totalling $216 dollars. They advertised a special promotion with double free units and fee shipping.
    I have heard nothing from the company. My account has been charged. I was not concerned at first because Paula Altare stated in a weekly notification
    that delivery may take a while because of the volume of orders they had. Now,the Dietdivas website is gone. All of their telepnone numbers have been
    disconnected. All emails are returned as undeliverable. No notice or information of any kind was given. Has anyone heard anything? What recourse
    do we have?

  4. I have been trying to get my order filled since 10/24/04. My calls and emails have not been
    answered. Today, the phone and website of DietDivas are no longer in service. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company to dispute the charges. I recommend you do the same.

  5. I too have an outstanding order with DietDivas.com for $113. I was surprised all along that this company charged my credit card instantly, instead of waiting until they shipped. At first I was told the order had “slipped through the cracks”, then that did not have items in stock, would soon be getting them, etc., then as you know the site went down and e-mail stopped. I saw a posting when doing a Google search saying that dietdivas is currently “Closed for reorganization” and that members would be notified when this occurred. Now, I’m not seeing that message on Google anymore. I’m interested that many of you seem to know phone numbers for this company — I’ve searched in vain for any phone numbers! How did you find them? It’s too bad so many people have obviously been ripped off by this company going under, and it doesn’t seem likely that we will get any recompense, either in product or refund.

  6. I, too, placed an order, on November 8. Due to the slowness of delivery in the past, I did not get concerned until I realized it was the end of November and I had not received my products. I tried to go on the website, but it was down. I called the toll-free number on my diet menu to no avail. I finally called the 800 number on my bank statement (mistake #1: I used an online check, which was offered by DD for the first time…I usually use my credit card) and got the electronic funds company that handle the transaction. They tried the website and confirmed my findings. They called a direct line number they had for the company….it was disconnected. The EFT company has told me that they have closed down this company and reported them to the “feds.” My money ($108) was taken out of my account the same day I placed the order in early November and I’ve received no products. It appears others are in the same situation. I have now reported DietDivas to the BBB, my bank has started its own investigation, and the Attorney General’s office in Massachusetts has told me to file a complaint with them, which I am doing.

  7. I placed an order with them in October and only received a few boxes. My credit card was charged the full amount!!! I’m so upset about this because none of my emails have been answered and the site is down! It’s like they fell off the face of the earth! I want my money back!

  8. Someone here mentioned “The EFT company”…what does that mean? I am sorry you all are going through this. I never signed up with them, thank God…I just looked at their website and Ithink I saw them on Ricki Lake’s show once. Got a bad vibe from them.

  9. For the person looking for their contact info…this is what it used to be according to their site but do not be surprised if the number is now disconnected and the PO Box closed out…I don’t know, I haven’t tried either. By the way, it is the law that one must register their real information with the post office people when setting up a PO Box. Just because someone has a PO Box, it DOES NOT give them the freedom to commit fraud, then fly by night and scurry away.


    P.O. Box 1211 Palm Harbor, FL 34682

  10. To answer your question: The “EFT” company is the electronic funds transfer company ( Alliance Technologies is the company’s actual name, I believe) that facilitated the transfer of the funds from my checking account to DietDivas bank account. However, by the time we all realized DD was out of business, Alliance had no funds in escrow to reimburse folks who paid with online check as I did. Those of you who paid using a credit card should be able to dispute the charge. I wish I had used my credit card, as I had in the past.

  11. Thank you for explaining what EFT means…I am sick to my stomach imagining how each of you must feel like after getting ripped-off like this…surely there is a class action lawsuit forming now?

  12. I had followed this plan also and was a lifetme member. I stopped getting my newsletters and my last
    contact from them was an email from a counselor (Sherry) on Nov 20th. I am not surprised by this because
    many members were complaining after the last changes made to the Diet Diva web site. There also were other sites on line offering the same (and better) products for less money and faster delivery.

    Here is some public information that might help you out.

    Arlene Shatz (DIETDIVAS-DOM)
    PO Box 1211
    Palm Harbor, FL 34682

    Domain Name: DIETDIVAS.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Arlene Shatz (BEEADNSPAO) arlene1729@aol.com
    PO Box 1211
    Palm Harbor, FL 34682
    877 595 8600

    Technical Contact:
    Altare, Paula (XBOYGRXOXI) dietdivas@AOL.COM
    Diet Divas. com
    PO 1211
    Palm Harbor, FL 34682
    1-877-595-8600 fax: (727) 787-6275

    Record expires on 01-Dec-2006.
    Record created on 01-Dec-1999.
    Database last updated on 31-Dec-2004 18:44:51 EST.

    Domain servers in listed order:


  13. I was about to order products and went looking for the site. I’m so upset for all of you. Grrr. Can anyone tell me where to get the same products?? I think metabolife offered the bars…I can’t believe this happened to all of us members, especially those who paid!

  14. I am so sorry for all of the members of dietdivas and of course the vendors they have ripped off. I was suspecting they were having financial difficulties and did not order any further.. If you want suggestions on what I have done to use for supplements instead of the products they offered feel free to e-mail me. I lost 75# on their plan and had great support from my counselor their. I feel the loss of a friend. I did not get the e-mail from director Paula Adaire…

  15. I’m another one scammed by DietDivas,,,$140 worth. I am really upset about this. I didn’t receive any email from Paula about anything, was there supposedly an “announcement” or something? I’d be interested in what you have used instead of the protein bars. I really liked them and thought they helped.

  16. I also got scammed. I ordered alot of stuff 315.00 dollars I only gort some products, nevert got my lifetime membership, how do i proceed i

  17. I too was ripped off by Diet Divas….hadn’t placed an order in months, and did when they put out the special that you got 2x the freebies, and received only a couple of my products, with a message on their website in my order history that the rest would follow…..that was October. I have files a claim with the BBB and, after seeing all of these messages, will file a claim with my credit card company, since the charged me the $108 but never followed through with my complete order. They wanted all of our help and prayers during the hurricanes and then treat us like this.

  18. How awful for all of you. Not only did they run away with your money but now they have played with peoples emotions.
    Dieting is one of the most challenging thing and to do this to there customers is outragous. I to was a lifetime
    member and had lost some weigh, then took a break during the holidays, and now I’m ready to get back to some serious
    dieting. So when I when I was trying to log in to the website I thought I was having computer problems, well you know
    it sure wasn’t that. So I’m trying to think positive and get back to my dieting with or without The 3 D’s
    (DIET DIVA DEVILS) Good luck to everyone with the struggle to lose weight.

  19. Anyone who hasn’t already should dispute the charge with their credit card company. That should get you your money back since DietDivas obviously won’t respond. As for the products, you can find them elsewhere by doing a web search by manufacturer. There were three – Bariatrix, Advanced Health Systems and the ones with no names on them were by Health Wise. I found three other sites right off by seaching Advanced Health Systems – which is also Robards if you don’t find them elsewhere. I’m so sorry you all got burned. I got burned earlier when they terminated by access last summer despite my “lifetime’ membership.

  20. Hi all:

    I feel so horrible about what has happened to you all. The last order I had placed w/Dietdivas was in September, 2004 and while delivery was slow I did receive my order. Then all of a sudden, on the night before Thanksgiving, I went to the site & saw it had been closed “for reorganization”. Then Proof! the site was gone. It was a really effective diet and fortunately for some strange reason I printed off all the recipes the month before the site dissolved and I still have the diet plan. I have lost 20 lbs since 11/26 with a personal trainer I found — Dolletta Mitchell at dolletta@dolletta-mitchell.com. She helps me online with diet and exercise guidance.

  21. Something else I forgot to say in my last post. I never got an e-mail from anyone at Dietdivas before they disappeared, but less than one week prior I DID receive an e-mail where they were soliciting new members how unethical!

  22. Also about their “Divatrim” product, does anyone remember how much they charged for it? I saw a product with almost identical ingredients (Trimzen at Vitaminlab.com) for about $17!

  23. Everyone who has a complaint and who has lost money from the Diet Diva, Paula Altare, should in fact follow through with a phone call and a letter to the Florida Attorney General Office. They are in hot pursuit and building a strong case against her. Don’t let her get away with this. She is already on to another scam. Check public records in Palm Harbor Florida to find her home address which you will need for your complaint. By the way, they never did file bankrupcy!

  24. I too was a lifetime member, but never received the “maintenance” part of the diet.
    Does anyone have a copy of it? If so can you tell me what maintenance involves or
    post the maintenance part here on this site? Thanks 🙂

  25. I wanted to sign up with this company when I found them through a search about 9 months ago. I didn’t get the chance due to lack of funds and after reading about the problems and heartache here, I am forever grateful I didn’t. All is not lost though I believe. I found a website where I and my mother have successfully ordered protein drinks, bars, and low carb foods with no problems. The website is http://www.i-shophere.biz and it has been wonderful. I order my products and I have them within a week. There are the same products you could get from diet divas and they are the same products I received through a weight loss clinic here in town that charged mr $350 for their program! Some of the drink products on this website are even less in expense than what I got from the clinic. Check out the website and at least take a look around it. You will be surprised. Let me know…Good luck to all!!!

  26. To Jessie at number 26 above:
    Here is the essence of the”maintanance program.”

    Figure out how many calories a day you need to maintain your weight. They say to
    multiply your desired weight by between 12 and 15 (or up to 20 to 25 if you are
    “very active”)–but there is lots of advice available elsewhere if this is not specific enough for you.

    They suggest a meal plan of 2-3 servings protein, 3-4 starches, 1 milk (preferable low
    or non-fat milks or cheeses), 3 condiments (ketchup,mustard. soy sauce, etc.) 3 fats
    (now includes oil and commercial salad dressing), 3-4 fruits, 3-4 vegetables. You still
    need to check to see if this falls into the calorie consumption goal mentioned above.

    They advise you continue to avoid table salt and drink your 8-10 glasses of water for
    life and to watch serving sizes–all good advice. Of course, they also suggest
    continuing to use two of their protein snacks daily, which under the circumstances might raise your eyebrows a little.

    Hope this helps.

  27. I had just joined the program for two months,when I lost the papers due to a flood,can anyone help me get me back on track,I just need the main diet ,please and thankyou.

  28. This company is a rip off. I paid for the life time membership and they closed shop with no refunds! Someone needs to see if Florida can help us out on this one. What a rip off.

  29. Hi, I have misplaced my copy of the jumpstart phase. I pretty much know what it is, but would like to have the actual copy. I need to cleanse a little once again! If someone has it I would be ever thankful if you would email a copy to css4@sbcglobal.net.
    Thank you in advance.

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