We're Long on Wine

As a child, I was so frugal I would eat my dinner in order of most hated to most loved food, so that I could save the best for last and savor it. A stupid principle — what if you fill up before you hit the good stuff — I am slowly breaking myself of this habit. Yesterday was our 6th anniversary of dating. We wanted to make it special, as it will likely be the last time we will celebrate it (we are trading it in for a wedding anniversary this year). We decided to drink a bottle of wine we bought in Napa on our first vacation together. We have often had Silver Oak wines on special occassions, because we think of this particular bottle as special. As I recall they had just released this vintage of Cabernet, and we really splurged to purchase the thirty or fourty dollar bottle at the time — we were staying at a local campground. We were both surprised when we pulled the bottle down last night and it was actually a 1993. It is still a great wine, but should be drunk now (Wine Spectator — free registration required) and has not really appreciated since we purchased it — I think we had it in our heads it was a 95. Not long before we had another “special” bottle for my birthday which had been a birthday gift a few years before, only to find that the wine had become “corked.”
While we don’t plan to drink thirty dollar bottles of wine with just a burger on a Tuesday night, there is little sense in saving non-appreciable things for esoteric reasons. For us, a wine cellar only makes sense as a place to store the cases of wine that we buy in order to get a discount, not for an extensive collection of “special” wines that we will never figure out when to drink or worse forget about. Our method of *investing in wine*, is to recognize we drink a lot of it and try to get it at the cheapest price possible — as we like to say, “we’re long on wine” — rather than trying to *time the market* for a great bottle and the perfect opportunity to drink it.

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