My Chartreuse Thumb

I really don’t know a darn thing about gardening, but my confidence raised by managing to keep an impulse Ikea purchase of a papyrus plant alive for months I have started a whole new life. We have not only added a bunch of containers around the house, but with the help of a friend who knows what she is doing, and a man who owns a back-hoe, we are on the verge of ripping out most of the plants in our front yard beds, and removing a ton or two of sod to make them even larger. Currently the front of our house resembles a bank or a strip mall in the boring linear plantings. We are going to try to introduce a more natural line and more organic groupings. Shopping for plants is very fun — e.g. I just planted some black mondo grass in this tall yellow pot, which I think looks very sexy, well, for a plant — and there are incredible resources online, which is nice because the local nursery doesn’t always have everything in stock.
Given that we supposedly have some type of culinary affinity, we hope to have an emphasis on perennial herbs: rosemary, thyme, sage, scented geraniums, lavender, bay, etc.. We are also going to made a couple of small paths into our grass, and will plant a few trees to line the paths. It is hard to be patient for trees though. Check back in six months to see what the kill rate is, but the papyrus is still going strong, pruned and repotted.

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