The Articulate Case for Universal Health Care

hillary55.jpgI think Hillary Clinton would make a wonderful president or vice-president, and I simply do not understand why smart intelligent women (like my mother), who agree with Hillary’s position on every issue, despise her. As is usually the case with smart powerful women, the public would rather believe the hype that she is some lunatic bitch than actually listen to her. Anyways, the Senator from New York has written a terrific piece on the problems with our current health care system. She articulates the real business and economic reasons for changing the system, as well as looks at our changing health care needs. Consider: Automakers in the United States and Canada pay taxes to help finance public health care. But in the United States, automakers also pay about $1,300 per midsize car produced for private employee health insurance. Automakers in Canada come out ahead, according to recent news reports, even after paying higher taxes. At the same time, American companies are outsourcing jobs to countries where the price of labor does not include health coverage, which costs Americans jobs and puts pressure on employers who continue to cover their employees at home.

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