The Year of the Yard

We are trying to get our yard in shape (esp. as it will be the site of our big summer party, a.k.a. our wedding, later this summer). We spent most of the weekend in various suburban pursuits: pressure washing, weed-pulling, tree-pruning, boring plant removal, spraying to prevent the dreaded tent moths, etc.. The place is really shaping up, and we are working an arborist friend to pick plants and rearrange things. Plant suggestions welcome — I *think* we live in zone 6.
We did manage a much-needed break yesterday with friends Mike & Kiernan to spoil our dogs with a trip to the beach. BTW, when did this Easter holiday become such a big deal? Vashon doesn’t have much of a downtown as it is, but what little we do have was closed yesterday, making our plan for beach-take-out-lunch a bit difficult. Mike’s Jewish, so I can’t blame him, but I was raised Catholic and I didn’t realize how big it has gotten. I suppose if we had kids instead of dogs we’d hunt eggs too, but do all the restaurants have to close as well….

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