Condoleezza Rice, under oath, said she did not know of any threats against American targets within the US before 9/11/2001. The next day, the Bush Administration agrees to declassify the PDB from August 6, 2001 “not before Monday”. The very next day, the day before a big US holiday, they release the PDB. Clearly the lie about the release and the actual release were planned to give the US people time to forget about the incredible inconsistencies between it and the previous claims.

The PDB states that Bin Laden is planning domestic US attacks and that two of the hijackers were in the US. Until now, the Bush Administration stated that they knew nothing about such info. They lied. This is not a Clinton lie about an extra-marital affair, this is a lie about the national security of the United States. Worse, they did absolutely nothing about the info they had. They claim they notified the FBI, but the FBI has no record of any notification. Obviously, the Bush Administration did not take these threats seriously. Granted, hindsight is 20/20, but not even a call to the FAA to alert them something may be planned?

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