My Birthday Trip to Vancouver

It rained the whole time, but we didn’t mind. We stayed inside at watched the 9/11 commission hearings all day. Despite the fact that some people were reluctant to go before the committee under oath, its existence and the commitment of the networks to broadcast the entirety nationally and internationally makes is proud — perhaps the view of your own country is just a little clearer from 100 miles outside its borders.
I experienced the best carrot, turnip and asparagus spear I’d ever had in my life — the best restaurants seem to open your eyes to flavors you take for granted — at Bishop’s and yummy spatzle and satay at the appropriately named glowbal. We stayed in a very fun hotel (they let you pick the color scheme for your room), and counted Starbucks when we went out. I love Vancouver. It is three times the size of Seattle, so it is much more international, has much better shopping, and MUCH better dining. Maybe we will move there someday. After all, Illy & Ouzo are Canadian — labs are one of the few breeds that originated there.

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