Kurt Cobain committed suicide 10 years ago today. I remember talking about it at lunch with an older coworker and he said “Who was he and why does anyone care?”. I also still remember the day I bought Nevermind a few years earlier. And I remember my mom looking at my Nevermind t-shirt (that I still have) and saying “What a dumb picture“.

Listening to NPR, which is doing a show on Kurt Cobain, people call in telling how Kurt Cobain affected their lives. While a lot of people criticize him for suicide, there’s a lot of people whose lives he saved through his music. As a former teenager myself, I can still understand what it’s like to be angry and depressed about life and the world and how music can be the outlet for it. I hope I don’t lose that understanding as I get older and have teenage kids of my own.

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