Kerry wins big in Wasington. You wouldn’t know it from where we live in Washington State. We’ve never been to a caucus, so we went to the caucus this morning to see what it was like. It was nuts. Caucuses are the stupidest things in the political world. Nobody wanted to talk issues, everyone just wanted to make their neighbors happy. Granted, we’re in a very small and rural community where everyone generally knows each other, so it may be different in your caucusing area.

The most amazingly stupid thing was that Kucinich got zero, that’s zero votes. But one guy, who didn’t even vote for him, wanted Kucinich to get a delegate. So he talked. And talked about nothing. No platform issues. Just “he’s a nice guy” talk. So we’re now voting for our President on sympathy?! Some people, not wanting to disagree with their neighbor, decide to change their vote to Kucinich. Huh?! So others wanted to change their vote to “give Kucinich a voice”. The guy has spent millions to give himself a voice and has been ineffective, now we need to give this guy a voice. He has no voice, no one listens to him. Insane. Weeks or even months of thoughtful consideration and a few seconds of meaningless yapping makes these people change their vote. Not change their mind or opinion or just make them think. They changed their vote! So our precinct ended up giving Kucinich a delegate because one pony-tailed hippie in a bad sweater felt bad because his candidate didn’t get a single vote even from himself! This is not democracy, this is coercion.

Besides all that, I am sick of hearing this idea that we need a radical change in Washington so we need “an outsider”. You don’t hire a lawyer as a doctor, you don’t hire a plumber as an electrician, you don’t hire an accountant as a gardener. Why on earth would we hire anyone but a politician to do the most important job in politics?!

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