Get Out the Ad (an organization founded by average folks in response to frustration with Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings, the lack of congressional resolution, and a desire to get the country focused on real problems) sponsored an amateur video contest: Make a thirty second spot that best explains what the president’s policies are really all about, not just those lame voice over commercials you usually see in political campaigns. It is a brilliant idea, and the Bush in 30 seconds winner is great. They are now raising money to get the spot played on CNN during the State of the Union address coverage and during the Superbowl — though so far CBS says the ad doesn’t pass their Standards and Practices committee, huh?! They allow White House ads, ads against smoking, other political ads. PLEASE!

I believe this kind of free political expression is precisely what our country is founded on. We gave to the cause, and encourage you to do so too, if you believe in freedom of speech and would like to see a political ad truly made by the people instead of boring ads made by big dumb political action committees or parties.

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