Last post of 2003, so I should quickly summarize the last couple weeks.

For Christmas, I got lots of goodies. The biggies are homebrewing equipment and an electronic weather station. I brewed beer years ago but no longer have all the equipment, so Gay got all the stuff and in 2-3 more weeks, I’ll have my first batch. Plus, Gay got me the kegging equipment and a tower so we are going to install a kegerator in our wet bar so I can have fresh homebrew straight from the tap. (New Year’s Resolution: exercise more to burn off all the beer calories!).

The weather station hooks up to the computer so I can monitor and record all the critical weather info: wind direction & speed, rainfall, barometric pressure, dew point and even the temperature. I’ll have that info up on this site for all to see. Geeky? Yes. I’m a dork, dorks can’t just stop being dorks.

Christmas Eve & Christmas were both fun, although too much drinking! Fortunately, I’ve since decided to concentrate on beer-drinking — wine and bourbon just don’t do me any good.

The day after Christmas I got sick. Not sure if it’s the flu or just a bad cold, but it knocked me out. I’m still getting over it today. So I’ve been spending my time on low-brain-power stuff like recording more and more stats for the site and graphing the historical data with (the great) RRD Tool.

Last night it snowed! Snow on Vashon. I think this our first.

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