I’ve been out of the habit of updating this side of the this site. Just been too busy with the holidays, family and work. I work too much and would like to be able to relax and do other things, but I am a computer addict — there’s always one more thing I can build/fix “really quick”. It never ends. And I feel guilty when I stop and watch a movie, sit outside with the dogs, read, etc.

I am happy about the Saddam news. Sunday morning at 4:30am my pager went off because a server was overloaded. So I went to the computer to deal with it and while I was waiting to verify everything was okay, I read a post with the news. I get my world news from a recipe site. 😉 A few minutes later I went back to bed waking up Gay in the process and told her “they caught Saddam”. “They did?! Wow!”, she said and fell asleep.

I find lots of reasons to criticize Bush, but at times he impresses me. He impressed me with his handling of 9/11 by exercising restraint (something I couldn’t have done at the time), saying all the right things and quickly removing the Taliban from power. And now he’s handling Saddam correctly: we didn’t kill him, we captured him and Iraq, not us, will be putting him on trial. A fair trial for one of history’s “evil-dewars” is something the world needs, I think. Killing him would have sent the wrong message and would’ve made him a martyr. Bush just might be able to salvage some respect for the US from the world (and I don’t mean respect in the country music anthem “fear equals respect” way).

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