Seems like the blog space here has been tied up mostly in outside or business news. Hasn’t had a lot of personal flavor so I thought I’d share.

We are getting ready for a big family get together for Thanksgiving. Troy’s parents, brother, his wife and 2 children will be here for the holiday. It will be really nice to have a full house for Thanksgiving. We spent last Thankgiving (well a day-delayed Thanksgiving, because one hazard of running a recipe site you don’t leave work before the biggest cooking holidays) with Troy’s parents, Todd & Rozanne, and had a terrific time in Florida. It will be fun to get together again. Troy keeps waiting for me to get stressed about it, but frankly having two more cooks here takes the load off me. I just hope I don’t act too dorky around the teenagers. 😉

Troy’s parents are staying a few extra days and my mom is coming over for another visit. They’ve all met before and enjoy each other. I think it will be a little wedding planning summit for the mothers-in-law as well.

We had a VERY NICE dinner last weekend with our friends Mark and Lee. Lee fixed a lovely meal and I have to say the 2 couple dinner party is my new favorite social event. Catching up is so much easier! Mark and Lee live just one block away from Troy’s last bachelor apartment on Capitol Hill. Driving around looking for parking for hours reminded us of how much we missed the place, the crack houses and especially the proximity of many cheap restaurants.

Today was an unplanned all day trip into the city. One of the web servers died last night (thank god for redundancy — normally that would mean a late night ferry ride into Seattle), so we spent all day diagnosing the problem, getting parts from our very helpful and very knowledgeable friends at Silicon Mechanics, and then reinstalling the machine. First food: 3p Thai West Seattle.

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