On this day last year, we hit 43,000 recipes. We’ve added 30,000 recipes in just the last year!

Today, I retired the first PC I ever bought as a professional developer in 1993. It was originally a $2000 Gateway 66MHz 486 with 16 MBs RAM. A few years later I upgraded it to a 80MHz Pentium (remember those Overdrive upgrades?) and a whopping 40MB RAM. That machine ran NT4 for years til 1999 when, unable to run Windows 2000, I put Linux on it as a lark just to see what Linux was like. I couldn’t believe how fast that slow machine got! So I decided to make it our mail server, discovered not only was Linux fast, it was the most reliable OS I’d ever used. That was the turning point for us and Linux — today we have 15 servers running Linux.

The machine is still running fine and I’ve never had to replace any broken parts. The power supply fan was getting a little loud and I replaced the hard drive with a larger one. But other than that, it’s held up for over 10 years running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’ll still be used for the odd test case, though. I just hate to throw a functioning computer away.

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