Our Friday Spoiler

Troy accurately characterizes our Friday afternoon problem. Every few weeks we have to deal with one of these sorts and it really drives us nuts. a) that we have to spend time dealing with an ass and b) that our strict commitment to allowing free speech (within reason) on our boards means that we can’t just kill them. Imagine spending thousands of dollars and years of your life building a house and then asses move in, in eat your food and insult you, but you’re and ACLU lawyer so you let them stay. It is beyond frustrating. (Though I think I have become better than Troy at not letting them affect me.)

I’d like to make explicit a few more of the rules we’ve discovered running a community website:

Anyone who says “I’m leaving” isn’t; it is simply a ploy to gather sympathy.

Don’t feel bad when the jerks leave, because the site will flourish in their absence; and don’t celebrate too long because another will rise up to replace them.

Most people believe free speech should only be protected as long as it is speech they agree with.

Anyone who gets two warnings is incapable of seeing their errors and will inevitably get a third.

Less is always more. Don’t feed the trolls. Or as we like to say on Recipezaar: Plaid ribbons. The more you post the more you give the jerks to quote. Say less and the less they will have to argue with. In fact not responding at all is usually the most effective response of all.

more to come…

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