More FedEx hell…

I reminded myself that when I ordered this part, I explicitly asked for UPS Ground knowing that 1) UPS doesn’t suck and 2) it’s shipping from California which I know to be almost as fast as 2nd Day delivery from UPS. The e-mail receipt even says it was shipped UPS Ground:

Thank you for your order: 4227. Your purchase has been shipped out today via UPS Ground / RPS. The tracking number is as follows: 04740299XXXXXXX. Your credit card has been charged $46.79 including shipping.

But when I saw that tracking # I knew it was not a UPS tracking # (they start with a Z). I don’t know why they shipped it FedEx Ground instead. But I sent them email asking why and how to avoid FedEx when ordering from them in the future.

I checked the status of my FedEx package that was promised to be delivered today this morning. No change. No “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” like it usually says in the morning it should arrive. I called. They said that it’s not on a truck. I asked why FedEx has delivered packages to my house for two years without a problem and now they repeatedly screw it up. I was told it’s because they hired temps for the season. My impression from this guy is that he’s as sick of FedEx’s sloppiness as I am. I gave him directions to my house again (I haven’t moved since Friday when I gave them directions last). He also said my telephone number is on the package and the driver is to call if he still can’t find the house. Incidentally, here’s the directions to my house: get off the highway, take your 2nd left, take the first right and continue 200 yards til you hit the house. It’s very simple, really. UPS has no trouble with it.

20 minutes later, the web site says “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” but the estimated delivery date changed to November 10. FedEx is dumb.

At 2pm, the woman I talked to Friday, Vida Lopez, called me today to see if the packaged had been delivered. That was nice, but no, it hadn’t yet been delivered. She said she’s tracking it herself and would call back later to check again.

By 4pm I was getting concerned that it wouldnt’ be delivered again today since I know they stop delivering at 5pm. So I called the local FedEx hub. This guy, Jason, had no idea where the package was and this was the first he’d heard of my package. He spent 5 minutes pressing keys on his keyboard with no progress and then told me he’d call me back later when he has information.

At 4:30pm, I decided I needed to call Vida Lopez again to see if she could help. I was dumped into her voice mail. Left a message explaining the situation asking her to call me back.

While I’m waiting, I do some research on FedEx…

FedEx is a very profitable company. In the last fiscal year, FedEx made almost a billion dollars in profit. In my opinion, no company has a right to be profitable when they can’t even perform their most basic functions. If they are profitable, they should invest the profits into improving their service until it meets basic requirements. If they aren’t doing that, then they don’t deserve profits and they certainly don’t deserve their customers.

Comparing FedEx to UPS, UPS earns more money than FedEx ($31 billion versus $29 billion) and UPS is almost 4x more profitable than FedEx ($3 billion versus $800 million). Why is UPS more profitable than FedEx and delivering far better service? It has to be better management at UPS.

FedEx sucks.

5pm and still no delivery. There’s not a chance in hell it’s coming today despite all that I’ve done to make it as easy as possible on them. No telephone call from the driver who they promised would call if unable to find the house again. And, as we know, FedEx has no way of contacting their drivers. At this point I feel like it’s completely out of anyone’s hands and we all just have to hope and pray that the delivery guy one day decides he’s going to deliver the package that’s been sitting in his truck since 4am on Friday.

I call Jason at the local delivery hub again. “Jason is on the phone, would you like to hold or would you like his voice mail?”, “I’ll hold please”, “Ok, one moment” … “You have reached the voice mail of Jason ******”. Hrmph.

I called again and finally got through to someone at the local hub. Guess what? They hired a local delivery company to deliver the package! FedEx, the delivery company, is unable to go the last mile to deliver a package and they need to hire a delivery company to do it for them. Simply unbelievable. This also means that I was lied to when I was told on the web site and by the local person that it was on a FedEx truck for delivery.

It was explained to me that the reason they can’t deliver it is because they are “the cheaper service”. FedEx Express, the premium service, would have been able to deliver it themselves. I bet the local courier is charging them more than the $11.79 I paid to have it shipped. So their “cheaper service” can pay to get things delivered but the more expensive service saves money by delivering it themselves. This makes sense to FedEx for some reason. And what if this local delivery service doesn’t get it to me? And when will this other company get it to me? If they lied to me earlier today, why should I believe them now? These were questions he could not answer. My impression is that their attitude is this: if you want FedEx to treat your package well, go with FedEx Express; if you go FedEx Ground, they don’t care about your package because you must not either if you used their “cheaper service”. This makes sense to FedEx. Ok, maybe they can just give it to one of these FedEx Express people to deliver to me. That would make sense, they are, after all, a delivery company. Nope. They’re a different part of the company. This makes sense to FedEx too.

Anyway, at 6:45pm I called the other delivery service. As you might imagine, they know nothing about any package from FedEx. They said they only received one package from FedEx today and it’s not going to me.

I called FedEx back. They tried to get in touch with the local delivery hub but that office is closed now. So they offered to put a “trace” on the package. That means it’ll take 3-5 days for them to confirm that they lost my package. Maybe I’ll get a “We’re sorry” after that. But that’s not what I want, I want my package. I sat on hold for another 10 minutes and then was disconnected.

I then had voice mail from Jason at the local delivery hub that he left at 6:53pm. He said that he has the package in their office in his hands and he’s going to put it on his manager’s desk with a “big ass note on it” telling him to make sure it gets on a truck tomorrow morning. He also promised that they are going to “do all the crap they should have done in the first place” to get this package delivered and that it would be there tomorrow. FedEx has been lying to me all day, why should I believe them now?

Tuesday morning

I woke up this morning to start my new day job as a FedEx package tracker. After 40 minutes on the phone with Vida Lopez at FedEx and her inability to get a hold of anyone at the Seattle hub who knew anything about the package, she was pretty convinced that they had lost it. Eventually I got through to Jason, seemingly the only one who has a clue how the operation works, and he explained that the “PND Manager” (whatever that is) gave the package to the driver himself and she said she knew exactly where the house was and that she didn’t know why the other driver couldn’t find it (as I said before, it’s easy to find) and that she would deliver it “for sure” today. But I’ve heard this before, so all I can do is wait.

I’ll also be sending this off to the President & CEO of FedEx Ground:

Daniel J. Sullivan
3610 Hacks Cross
Building A
Memphis TN 38132

I can’t believe that he can’t be reached via e-mail. But then again, this is FedEx, the company that hates e-mail since it destroyed their overnight letter business.

Anyway, at 8:57am the doorbell rang and the usual FedEx woman was there with my package. The part is back in the server and is being tested now. It’s about time!!!

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  1. you should be glad you have the part. i have ordered several things shipped ups that i have yet to receive.

  2. whatcan i say?? i worked for FedEx for 24 years. it’s a fucking miracle that anything gets delivered. never in the history of the world has there ever been a bigger group of bloomin’ idiots. i did just about every job there, including loading/unloading falcons in 1978. FedEx developed into a company full of rude, arrogant moron bastards making way too much money with ZERO sense… i would use the f’n post office before i would use FedEx (and i can ship at 75% discount because i’m retired from there!!) go figure…

  3. I too am a FedEx employee. I even work for Home Delivery. And I’ll admit that our regional staff (my boss’s bosses) usually don’t have a lick of sense or a viable solution to our questions and problems. But I would like to say this: I personally apologize for the horrible service that all of you seem to have endured. I didn’t understand what customer service meant until I began working for FedEx, and now I do everything I possibly can for our customers. Without you I wouldn’t have a job to go to everyday. I’m sorry we’re not perfect, and I’m really disappointed that there are terminals in our company that don’t think they need to give you the service you paid for and deserve. I will attest to the fact that my boss has this week received two letters of misconduct BECAUSE he’s trying to give our customers the best service he can provide and it goes agaisnt what Corporate says is the “right” way to do things. If you could see a day at our terminal, you’d hear us complaining probably as loudly as you all have done at the way the company is run, and our own customer service people (the ones we call when we need help) are horrible, and we’ll be the first to admit it. I hope that most of you will take this message in the spirit that it was meant, as a true and honest apology for the horrendous service you have all received at the expense of the FedEx company, but just know that there are at least a few of us FedEx HD people out there who do their absolute best to give you the service you demand.

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