Moron morning radio talk show hosts advocate violence against bicyclists. I used to live in the Washington DC area and this is unsurprising. I’ve had bottles thrown at me, cars swerve or honk to scare me, passengers throw punches and spit at me, people even yelling “faggot” at me (I haven’t had a problem at all on the west coast). Why? THere was a pschology study released years ago that explained that drivers who deal with traffic become angry when they see people “having fun” (cyclists and joggers appear to be having fun) and tend to react aggressively towards them. I’ve even heard my own dad mutter “stupid bicycles!” while driving and even had a friend in our car, who knew I was a cyclist, who actually suggested we hit the cyclist on the road ahead of us because “roads are for cars” (which is untrue, roads were originally built for bicycles). Humans.

If you ever want to realize how completely idiotic drivers are, get on a bicycle and ride on the road with them. You really see things you don’t when in a car. They speed up to get to red lights, dangerously swerve into oncoming traffic to pass a cyclist so they can gain precious microseconds in getting to their destination, many even talk on cell phones or read newspapers while steering their 1-2 ton death machines at 60MPH.

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