Bush will work to preserve the “sanctity of marriage”. I wonder if he’s also considering going to war with people who get married and divorced over the course of a weekend for fun. Or the people who marry for ulterior motives (money, fame, immigration, etc). Or the people who serially cheat on their spouse. Aren’t these things destroying the “sanctity” of marriage far more than two people who are in love and are monogamous who just happen to be born with the same chromosome pairings?

I think the fundamental fallacy that people like Bush have is that being attracted to the same sex is a choice. My love for beer, bicycling, computers and the female form are built-in, they weren’t decisions I made — the only decision I made was that I’m public about these likes. I’m fortunate that society doesn’t have hatred for me because I naturally like these things (well, society used to label me a “nerd” for liking computers, but that day is long gone). And I choose to accept, even though I disagree with, people who don’t like beer, bicycling, computers or the female form. And I’ll never be President.


Seems like the blog space here has been tied up mostly in outside or business news. Hasn’t had a lot of personal flavor so I thought I’d share.

We are getting ready for a big family get together for Thanksgiving. Troy’s parents, brother, his wife and 2 children will be here for the holiday. It will be really nice to have a full house for Thanksgiving. We spent last Thankgiving (well a day-delayed Thanksgiving, because one hazard of running a recipe site you don’t leave work before the biggest cooking holidays) with Troy’s parents, Todd & Rozanne, and had a terrific time in Florida. It will be fun to get together again. Troy keeps waiting for me to get stressed about it, but frankly having two more cooks here takes the load off me. I just hope I don’t act too dorky around the teenagers. 😉

Troy’s parents are staying a few extra days and my mom is coming over for another visit. They’ve all met before and enjoy each other. I think it will be a little wedding planning summit for the mothers-in-law as well.

We had a VERY NICE dinner last weekend with our friends Mark and Lee. Lee fixed a lovely meal and I have to say the 2 couple dinner party is my new favorite social event. Catching up is so much easier! Mark and Lee live just one block away from Troy’s last bachelor apartment on Capitol Hill. Driving around looking for parking for hours reminded us of how much we missed the place, the crack houses and especially the proximity of many cheap restaurants.

Today was an unplanned all day trip into the city. One of the web servers died last night (thank god for redundancy — normally that would mean a late night ferry ride into Seattle), so we spent all day diagnosing the problem, getting parts from our very helpful and very knowledgeable friends at Silicon Mechanics, and then reinstalling the machine. First food: 3p Thai West Seattle.

Silicon Mechanics is great!

Yesterday at 5:20pm, the same server the died a few weeks ago died again. We went to investigate this morning and it had the same exact problem: the CPU fan quit causing the CPU to overheat and the machine to shut down.

So we just sat there on the floor of our co-location center and thought about our options. Thanksgiving is coming next week which is the 2nd most-trafficked (Christmas is #1) on the site so we wanted to have all servers running just in case something bad happens to one of them. That means it’s not enough time to just order a replacement part and wait for it to arrive. We thought to call our friends at Silicon Mechanics, who helped us out in a pinch before. Given that this wasn’t one of their machines, they had every right to refuse to help (after all, from personal experience, Dell doesn’t help you when you have a problem with one of their machines!). But when we called them, they were more than happy to help and said to bring it over.

We arrived, interrupting their lunch time, they opened it up, I explained the problem and they gave it a once-over. This is a machine I built myself, and they knew it, but politely pointed out my errors. They cleaned off the gallon too much of thermal paste that I put on it and put in a new (hopefully better) CPU fan. But they didn’t stop there. They noticed that the CDROM and floppy drives were not hooked up (cuz I didn’t have a cable long enough to reach across the case) so they made a custom cable and installed it so they worked again. Then they sliced the flat ribbon cables and wrapped them up to improve airflow through the case. And they tied up all the loose cables that I left in there. Just amazing service!

We took the machine back, popped it back in the rack and powered it up. A repaired server in under 3 hours!

74,000 recipes!. Funny…. AllRecipes finally announced how many recipes they have. For over 4 years they said “Over 20,000 recipes” and I always thought at any time they’d say “Over 30,000 recipes”. But time came and went. Today, they finally announced a whopping 22,000 recipes. In the last year, we added 40,000 recipes. It took them 4 years to add 2,000. Sure, they’d probably argue quality over quantity (as if they’re the arbiters of quality)… yeah… and the internet would be better if there were a small number of “quality” web sites as opposed to the diverse huge set of web sites.

And I’ll refrain from talking about their confusing redesign and just note that there are fewer molecules in the universe than there are words on their home page (although the print is about as tiny as a molecule). And I think they could have probably squeezed one more ad in there somewhere. 😉

But at least their employees have stopped calling us looking for a job. So they must be doing something right these days.

It Takes a Special Kind of Hostility to Equal Rights…

I suppose I shouldn’t have been, but I was astounded at the Congressional reaction to the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision on the legality of gay marriage. I do believe it will be impossible to get a Constitutional amendment to support the idea that marriage must be between a man and a woman, but I can’t believe they are even suggesting it. I can’t stand the way they way the conservatives keep saying we need to “do this for the children” when I don’t know a single gay divorced family… I especially like the way Hit & Run, the Reason magazine weblog, describes it as causing “the equivalent of a divide-by-zero error in the circuitry of conservative brains, which are short circuiting en masse.”

I really just don’t get what the problem is…marriage is sacrosanct to everyone that does it right? Shouldn’t they be glad that the “prurient” gay heathens will now be monogamous?

I thought the recent update to Panther solved my Bluetooth iSync problem (kernel panic!), but I just sync’d and boom!, another kernel panic. I hope the forthcoming 10.3.2 fixes this once and for all!

Speaking of the Mac, Bill Joy loves his G5. It’s surprising to see a very wealthy person who cares about the problems the world faces and even more surprising that he’s talking about it.