FedEx still SUCKS!

Another online order that gets shipped FedEx to me was scheduled to be delivered today. After their last screwups, I was prepared for yet another. And they screwed up again. This time, they are “Unable to locate address” although they deliver things here all the time.

Oct 31, 2003 3:33 pm Unable to locate address  SEATTLE, WA 
  4:33 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery  SEATTLE, WA 
  3:15 am Arrived at FedEx sort facility  SEATTLE, WA 

I called. They told me that they aren’t “really sure why” the delivery was not made and that the package will be re-delivered not Monday, but Tuesday. They quickly realized the stupidity of that extra day (without even requiring me to point that out) and then promised twice that it would be delivered on Monday. We’ll see. And once again, they tried to use the “RPS excuse” on me. FedEx bought a company called RPS in 1998 to do ground delivery and “it is taking the company a while” to get the two companies integrated. It’s been five years. The federal government can completely change administrations twice in that time period, but FedEx can’t get cell phones to their drivers. They have no way to contact their drivers or for their drivers to contact them to get directions to destinations. What a fly-by-night operation.

Worst delivery service EVER. Incidentally, UPS delivered a package on Wednesday, no problems whatsoever, as usual. Go UPS!

This time I’m demanding to get my shipping charges refunded. Of course, they’re not sure that can be done. We’ll see.

On the bright side, I’m the 9th search result in a Google search for “FedEx Sucks”.

7 thoughts on “FedEx still SUCKS!

  1. I agree, FedEx SUCKS!!!!
    I got the same story. 2 weeks of everyday attempt to deliver – result: same – unable
    to locate address.
    On prior occasion they dropped a package by the fence, 10 feet from highway and 20 feet from
    my mail box. It was called “Delivered to the door”:):)

  2. All I ask for is to ship/receive package when promised. And if not, some kind of valid reason why. Yet I have not gotten a reasonable answer from these people in over 3 years. They are not reliable AT ALL!
    I am taking my business elsewhere. I am going to see what brown can do for me!

  3. FEDEX SUCKS!!!! They lost my bag that made it from canada through customs and to the
    Seattle station and then it vanished into thin air. They claim to never have had the
    package and have been scanning a packageless barcode from country to country. Nice!

  4. Its been almost 2 months. I’ve made more than a dozen phone calls and spoken with more reps.
    I won a mint condition Les Paul Studio model guitar in an ebay auction. The seller promptly sent the guitar after receiving my payment for the guitar, shipping, handling and insurance. The seller took the guitar to his local FedEx/ Kinko’s store where it was boxed and shipped. It arrived in damaged condition. Attempts were made to repair damages to the box with packaging tape. Initials were made with a grease pencil/ marker near the repair site. I called the FedEx customer support number. After giving the tracking number, the rep told me the box had been “damaged in a machine.” The rep said FedEx would need to witness the damage to the guitar at the local terminal. That seemd odd. The rep told me how the package had been damaged. Initials had been made by someone. FedEx knew of the damage to this item. I was reluctant to give the guitar back to them. After assurances from 2 reps that the guitar would be returned to me, I relinquished possession of the guitar. That was on October 5, 2005. That was the last I saw of the guitar. Tracking the package and talking to FedEx customer support reps has placed the guitar back in California where it is “lost” or “stolen.” I filed a claim for the loss. FedEx said they did not know the shippers name only the location where the package had been shipped. However, they could not discuss the matter further because I was the ‘receiver’ not the ‘shipper.’ Too bad for me it seems. That’s all FedEx has offered. In the spirit of let me help you give support to me, I provided the name of the seller/ shipper, address, phone number, ebay transaction number, etc. Today, one month after the guitar had been “lost” or “stollen” I received a letter from FedEx denying my claim. FedEx has lied. They don’t deliver. I can not recommend FedEx to anyone. A guy in a ski mask with a gun is more credible than the liars at FedEx. Mr. Magoo will find my guitar before those frauds and bufoons will. Now, I want to get the word out about the deceit and obfuscation. FedEx; Fed Up!

  5. Fed Ex is unreilable service. They demand a premium rate for shipping dangerous goods and often they misplace packges and when pressed about tracking, they often offer answers that have no regulatory or secientific basis. It is kind of scary to trust them shipping hazardous materials at this time and age. We shipped a product to Germany and it took fed ex over 3 weeks to find it. Simply FEDEX is UNREILABLE AT ANY PRICE

  6. Honestly, I am FedUp with FedEx.

    Once they sent a letter incorrectly to the WRONG address after I dropped it off because the guy at the counter was new and not sure how to handle the proper procedure. Guess who was charged 40.00 for an inconvenience fee? Me.

    I had to order a new cell phone recently. It was delivered here while I was at work, so nobody could sign for it. I was greeted by a messsage telling me to come to the location and pick it up. Since I do not have a car, I called a taxi to take me out there. I paid 45.00 to ride out there just to be told “We don’t know where your package is. Come back tomorrow and it will defintely be here.” Absolutely unacceptable.

    I demanded to be compensated for the cab fare but no, nothing, not even an apology.

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