A few days ago, I emailed Steve Ballmer reporting a problem with Windows XP. I actually did get a reply from him the very next day:

We are working diligently on that did we give you an opportunity to
report the error to us in the error message did you thanks so much
for your support

Surprising that the CEO of a large corporation, who is obviously too busy to even use punctuation, actually replied to his email from just some dork. He even had some tech support guy contact me (if you work at Microsoft, when steveb talks, you’d better listen!). And he’s been pretty vigilant, sending me an email every couple days to get more info from me. Of course, my Windows kernel panics often at random times (like everyone’s PC) so it’s pretty pointless, but I commend them on their attempts to resolve it.

Maybe I’m too cynical about the company, but I think the fact that I called him on his claim is the reason Steve Ballmer replied. And I think he missed the original point of my message — admitting bugs is not taking responsibility, actually fixing it and giving your customers the fix for free is taking responsibility. And let’s be honest, anyone who has ever called Microsoft’s tech support is left on hold for hours and then you have to actually pay for the support you get. So, if you ever have trouble with Windows (and I’m sure you do), email steveb@microsoft.com. It’s about the only way you’ll get any response from Microsoft.

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