After we realized that Netflix sent us the wrong DVD, I went to their web site and reported it (they have a way to do that) and I even checked the box on the white sleeve that says that the wrong DVD was sent and mailed it back.

Then I get an email message from them telling me that I mistakenly sent them the wrong DVD in the sleeve! I did both things they ask us to do, and they still get it wrong. There’s no way to telephone them, so I submitted a customer service form on their site explaining it. I then get another email today telling me that they understand what happened and that I should send the movie back as soon as possible. I don’t know how to explain something so simple to them.

I also find it odd that they don’t even bother to make it up to me. Sending me the wrong DVD is their fault. You’d think they’d credit my account 50¢ or do something nice since they screwed up. And they don’t even add the movie I missed automatically to my queue, so when I sent the DVD back, I’d get the right movie again. Nope, I have to add it myself and the next 3 movies on my queue were immediately sent out instead of the one that I actually had higher in my queue.

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