Apple sucks

I got my Panther this morning but 2 of the 3 CDs are just bad. Trying to open the PDF readme crashes Preview on three different Macs and the install crashes too. But the thing is released today and I can buy it at the local Apple store after 8pm tonight. So I figured I could just drop by this afternoon and get my copy replaced with one that works. Nope. I called the local Apple store and explained the problem. The first girl I talked to thought that’d be no problem but had to check. Then another girl got on the phone and the conversation went like this:

“Sir, I understand you have a problem with your Panther CDs. Panther is not released until 8pm tonight so I suggest you come to the store tomorrow or Sunday.”
“I can’t stop in this afternoon and exchange it?”
“Sir, I don’t have Panther in stock until 8pm”.
“But you just have them in the back…”
“Sir, I do not have Panther until 8pm tonight”
“You mean a truck will drive up at 8pm and drop off a shipment?”
“Sir, I do not have Panther until 8pm tonight.”
“You don’t have to be snotty with me, I paid for the thing and I live far away from the store and I just want to exchange it.”
“Sir, I’m not being snotty. I do not have Panther until 8pm tonight and I do not recommend that you come into the store tonight because it will be a mad house. I’ll be happy to help you tomorrow or Sunday.”

(How does she know they won’t sell out of the copies in the store tonight?)

In contrast, today when I called Silicon Mechanics, I was told that they just shipped 200 of the machines I wanted and they may take 2-3 days to get me a machine. But then he worked out a deal where he could delay one machine for a large customer and give me a machine today. A hardware vendor can pull strings and get me a computer today, but a software vendor can’t pull any strings and give me an exchange for a product I’ve already paid for. Customer Service is a rare thing.

I called the other local Apple store and they were much more polite, but they explained I had to exchange it through Apple Online since I bought it online. Crazy. So I called the online store and after 40 minutes of being on hold and being transferred around several times, I was told that I have to go through tech support and they can simply issue new media to be sent to me. Wonderful!

Another 10 minutes on hold…. talked to a guy who couldn’t help and transferred me to Tier 2 support. After 20 minutes on hold, I gave up. Total time: 1 hour, 54 minutes. Result: zero.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

Note: If you’re a Windows user and have no experience with other OSs, please don’t post a comment. XP is not very stable. You can argue it is, but you’re wrong. Even my friends at Microsoft won’t say XP is that great. Drop the religion about your favorite OS and be objective. It’s a lot more fun that way.

5 thoughts on “Apple sucks

  1. who are you even kidding? XP isn’t stable? “please don’t post a comment”? whats the matter? you don’t want the truth on this website? I have extensive experience with both Windows XP and With The new Panther OS. XP has a much faster start up time. Running from a remote server, panther takes 7 minutes and 35 seconds to START MICROSOFT WORD. XP takes under 10 seconds. By the time the startup screen comes up on Panther. XP is SIGNED ON TO XP AND ONTO AOL. A mac can’t even start up microsoft word as fast. Oh and as for you saying that XP is not very stable? On my mac laptop i can’t even get it to run flash, i get a “this application has unexpectedly quit” last i checked, that message doesn’t exist on a windows machine.

  2. “You don’t want truth?” Oh boy. I want truth, I don’t want religion. I don’t think XP is stable, sure it’s more stable than previous versions (hard not to be) but “stable” is not a word I’d use to describe it. On three XP desktops that we have, it crashes regularly — the blue screen is alive and well in XP, as I’m sure you’re aware. I don’t know a single laptop user who says XP is crash-free either, and I don’t even have to go into the incompatibilities with hardware.

    Running from a remote server? Word starts in seconds on my Mac (but you’re right, Microsoft Office on the Mac is the slowest of all the apps I use) and Flash works fine on my desktop and laptop. Glad you like XP, keep using it.

  3. lol xp sucks ass i have it and it sucks BAD i really truly thing all they did in xp is rename all the errors and give
    them different graphics and different sounds to make it “seem” more stable os x is the best os out there

  4. Here’s ONE OF the MANY fundamental reasons XP does not, and Windows will not likely, ever compare to the stability of Mac OS X:
    Like all versions of Windows (except the first), XP was built with the preceding Windows version as the supporting main column. In a very real sense, that is like building a house on a bad foundation and doing repair work when the shifting becomes a problem. Now, if you know anything about structures, you will know that foundation repair is an extremely tough job, and it never seems to last long. Now throw in the fact that different parts of the structure are made by different companies, and you have yourself a crumbling building which costs more on regualar maintenance than if you ripped apart the whole thing and built a new one.
    So, will Windows ever be as stable as OS X? Maybe, but I won’t waste my time with a gradually improving OS(hey, it HAS somewhat improved) when I can have a decent one now.

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