Just saw The Matrix: Reloaded and as I suspected, it sucked. I don’t want to spend any more time on this review than I have to after wasting 2 hours having to sit through the movie. There is no programmer in the world that can watch this and not cringe at the ridiculousness of it; maybe some could suspend disbelief and overlook that, but I certainly couldn’t. “Writing the program”, “hacking”, “program hacking the program”, etc. are all overused & misused throughout the movie. And would you believe this line is in the movie?!: “You don’t know a person until you fight them”.

It’s apparent that the plot for the series was contrived after the surprising success of the first movie — there’s just no coherence to it at all from the first movie. Oh, but wait, maybe that’s the whole idea, you just don’t know what is real and what is not. And guess what? I really don’t care what’s real and what’s not. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And the fighting scenes…. same ‘ol, same ‘ol. I’m sick of seeing the robotic karate and the float-and-kick®. Do something new! And egads, the love story … for crying out loud, that’s bad enough, but the complete lack of human emotions in Keanu Reaves makes it painful to watch. And you could see that Superman-saving-Lois-Lane stunt at the end 500 miles away.

The coolest scene was the Ronin-rip-off car chase. And this was so obvious, they turn up all of a sudden in a parking garage, where you can just see “Upcoming Car-Chase” written all over the screen. But even this was filled with stupidity. For one, the bad guy jumps out of his car onto the hood of another car and crushes it and flips it before jumping to the good guys’ car. The people in this movie routinely jump hundreds of feet at a time, but in this case, he decided not to jump onto the good guys’ car first and end the chase right there. But when he did jump on their car, he just landed on it softly, he didn’t crush it or do any damage at all. And the bad guys repeatedly took over other people in the cars around them just by morphing them into the bad guy. But they always chose the drivers in cars behind the car they were chasing. Why not the car in front of the car they’re chasing?!

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