I have one life, and it must come together.

Inc. Magazine asks a few entrepreneurs what the good life means to them. (Mostly this magazine is worthless, but I’m drawn in by real people’s stories like this.) Everyday at lunch on our back porch followed by a little walk for our dogs, we feel so lucky to have our good life. For me, I think the good life is made by doing something you feel passion for combined with the flexibility provided by working for yourself or in a small company. When people hear we work at home or for ourselves, they always ask if it is difficult to “go to work” each morning, when the opposite is the real difficulty — we can’t stop working, evenings, weekends, etc. (Perhaps their own dissatisfaction is projected…) The next mistake they make after we explain this is to ask if it is difficult to then find a balance between work and home. Sure family and friends are more important than our business, but in reality our business is our life too, and we’re proud of it. As a result, “balance” is not necessarily the right word — you don’t “prioritize” one child over another. As one woman says in this article “I have one life, and it must come together.”

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