It’s been a busy few days this week. I’ve been working on upgrading the web site‘s infrastructure with more redundancy. This will allow us to have a more fault-tolerant system and even be able to take part of the site down without anyone noticing! It’s really going to make me sleep easier at night.

I spent about 5 hours in our datacenter on Tuesday. What I thought would take an hour or less ended up taking all afternoon and night and the site was down for a couple hours. And I didn’t even finish everything. I hate being in the datacenter too; it’s freezing in there and I always get a headache if I’m in there longer than an hour for some reason. And it’s an uncomfortable place to work — no chair, hard floor, awkward positioning of the cabinets, etc.

Then, as I was putting my cell phone in my pocket, the antenna snapped off it! So I had to get a new cell phone. But this one looks much better and has no external antenna and should work better since, apparently, Nokia’s have the best reception! I’m using the cheapy Nokia phone we got free with our service and it definitely does have better reception than my old phone.

Tomorrow we’ll add the final machine and get it all configured (no downtime I hope). And then I can relax. Yeah…. nothing will go wrong… I’m sure of it. Yep.

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