Day: September 18, 2003

It’s been a busy few days this week. I’ve been working on upgrading the web site‘s infrastructure with more redundancy. This will allow us to have a more fault-tolerant system and even be able to take part of the site down without anyone noticing! It’s really going to make me sleep easier at night.

I spent about 5 hours in our datacenter on Tuesday. What I thought would take an hour or less ended up taking all afternoon and night and the site was down for a couple hours. And I didn’t even finish everything. I hate being in the datacenter too; it’s freezing in there and I always get a headache if I’m in there longer than an hour for some reason. And it’s an uncomfortable place to work — no chair, hard floor, awkward positioning of the cabinets, etc.

Then, as I was putting my cell phone in my pocket, the antenna snapped off it! So I had to get a new cell phone. But this one looks much better and has no external antenna and should work better since, apparently, Nokia’s have the best reception! I’m using the cheapy Nokia phone we got free with our service and it definitely does have better reception than my old phone.

Tomorrow we’ll add the final machine and get it all configured (no downtime I hope). And then I can relax. Yeah…. nothing will go wrong… I’m sure of it. Yep.

What's Happening…

My mom is visiting (and cooking for us — yum!). Mark & Lee have finally moved back to Seattle (so our guest room is empty of furniture again — bad). The weather here has been terrible so our house has no paint on it. I’m training for the Seattle half-marathon with my friend Megan — doing 8 miles this weekend. We’ve been doing more hardware upgrades for Recipezaar which never quite go as planned — in fact, Troy’s cel phone was a casualty of the installation — but more annoying is that we work so dang hard and then people in our bulletin boards cause a ruckus and we then have to spend hours sending warning letters and generally baby-sitting people who are supposed to be adults — annoying — keeping us from doing our real jobs.

Nobody Died When Clinton Lied

“We’ve had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the September 11th,” Bush said in an impromptu session with reporters. He contended, however, that “there’s no question that Saddam Hussein had Al Qaeda ties.” (LA Times)

The United States has “ties” to Al Qaeda, for goodness sakes!

Meanwhile, Hans Blix “believes that Iraq destroyed most of its weapons of mass destruction 10 years ago, but kept up the appearance that it had them to deter a military attack.” (Associated Press) His team was given 3 months to find WMD, but in the 5 months since the overthrow the 1,400 person team of scientists, military and intelligence experts still haven’t found anything more. (CNN)

As I recall, we were sold this war on the basis of WMD that could be used against us by terrorists…Nobody died when Clinton Lied

…number of Iraqis killed so far: 6,000.

Eyeballs are IN Again

I loved Friendster as much as the next guy for the 20 minutes I played on it, but I just don’t see how it is worth $10 million. Does anyone remember “I kiss you” the dancing Arab guy meme? Am I Hot or Not? Sure there have been sites that have generated enormous traffic, but where are they now? Certainly not making $10MM. What am I missing that these classic dot com investors get (Yahoo, PayPal, etc.)? I understand the network effects and online dating applications for Friendster, but …

Why Monopolies are Bad

Sign this petition for the all the reasons, but the gist is that VeriSign (which runs all the .com and .net domain listings by virtue of purchasing Network Solutions) is putting up an advertisement page if you try to hit any unregistered .com domain, rather than just letting your web browser serve you an error. This is bad. They are profiting from an international body (remember they are only a government authorized monopoly for *selling domains* not putting up ads in any unused space — it is as if the phone company was allowed to make you listen to an ad every time you dialed a wrong number. The good news is that the internet is already routing around the problem: the company that makes domain resolving software which runs on 80% of the servers that resolve domain names into machine-readable addresses is issuing a patch that will prevent this type of squatting….

The internet is a beautiful place, but lets not forget that there are infrastructure providers that could quickly make it a very controlled environment if we don’t work to protect it.