Day: September 16, 2003

Recipezaar is up to 8,800 on Alexa‘s ranking system. That means there are only 8,799 sites that are bigger in traffic.

It’s only one system for ranking sites and isn’t always the same as what we see internally, but it’s as good a barometer as any. But the most interesting thing is that our biggest competitors (AllRecipes, Epicurious, FoodTV), with millions of dollars in funding and marketing, are continuing to fall while Recipezaar continues to rise. I remember when they were hundreds of times bigger than us, now they’re just 3-4 times bigger. I like the trend.

My mom said that my dad is still doing well; even a back ache that he had is gone (what back ache? My dad never mentions any health-related issues, thinks it’s a sign of weakness or something). His stitches (staples, actually) are going to be removed on Friday.